The Brand Story
Moroccan Pooch Furcare launches a new wave of excellence in furcare grooming products by using the iconic Argan oil ingredient that the professional hair and beauty care industry have been raving over.

“It’s definitely going to be your favorite new furcare essential for your furbabies pampering wardrobe.” says co-founder Ashley Reeves.

Moroccan Pooch Furcare was founded by three bffs and fur mamas who share a love for the well-being of all furbabies. As they are also all beauty and hair care advocates- and use amazing products on themselves-the goal was to create a new kind of furcare company, one that was designed to impress the most discerning grooming professionals and pet parents in mind. With a serious lack of “in” and curated furcare products in the marketplace, the founders of Moroccan Pooch always struggled to find a furcare brand that the girls felt encompassed that “cool girl” vibe with an eye for style, quality and sophistication.

When developing their first line, the Signature Hydration Collection, they did not want to compromise on any detail. They leveraged hair care technology and natural safe actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products for all fur types. Healthy fur starts from within and they wanted to ensure that their collection delivers results which would set a new standard of excellence in the furcare grooming industry.
The Fragrance
Moroccan Pooch’s signature scent runs through its Hydration Collection at the lightest levels—designed so that the scent lasts long after their pampering ritual (as we all know furbabies can easily pick up spontaneous aromas). Our scent evokes a fresh arrangement of bright and beautiful yet calming beachy notes that will create a euphoric sensorial experience from head to tail.

The Packaging
The founders strongly believe that packaging is all about evoking a “pawsitive” first impression of what the customer can expect from our brand. They wanted to create a furcare grooming line that would finally reflect something sophisticated, refreshing and fun. The packaging has established a new standard for fur care. They wanted a look that would be worthy of including in an awesome flat lay and could sit comfortably next to their pet parents’ hair and beauty care products. Your bathroom is about to look tres pet chic.