Leave-In Treatment

Moroccan Pooch

100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

Perfect to use in-between pampering rituals.


Remember the detangling tragedy that is fur-baby post bath? Also your mood as when they come running inside from the rainstorm outside - not for long. Our weightless argan infused spray leaves fur cashmere-soft, with incredible smoothness, natural shine & lightly fragranced. Perfect to use in-between pampering rituals. 

Argan oil nourishes fur to hydrate & enhance shine making it instantly soft & touchable.

Keratine, coconut oil, rosehip & silk help to gently cleanse the fur while treating the coat to prevent breakage and shedding.

Lenoic acids help to defend fur from dryness by hydrating the coat to help reduce dandruff and dry skin.

Hydrolyzed silk protects & reinforces the fur to absorb and trap dirt without weighing it down.

Essential oils and nutrients to help protecgt and balance our furbabies delivate PH balance.
• Rich in nutrients & essential oils
• Repairs damage
• Gentle cleanser
• Adds smoothness & shine
• Leaves the fur gently fragranced
• Detangles and prevents damage from brushing
• Restores moisture
• Extends the life of their pampering session
• Repairs fur fibers from sun damage
• Paraben free, sulfate free & cruelty free
• All fur types (cat friendly)
Message, brush (even if short haired), style.