Hydrating Shampoo

Moroccan Pooch

220 ml / 8 fl. oz.

Prepare their fur for glamour.


Every pampering session should start with a little indulgence, such as this argan infused, custom-blended shampoo from the most exclusive ingredients to silken, hydrate and cleanse. Prepare their fur for glamour. 

Moroccan pooch signature shampoo (argan oil, distilled water, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed silk, vanilla extract, rosehip oil and coconut oil) is natures best defense to help hydrate & soften their skin and coat.

Plant & citrus derived surfactants are gentle cleansers that help strip dirt and excess oils from coat while keeping their delicate PH balance in mind.

Natural fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and skin conditioning emollients help rejuvenate & hydrate all fur types while helping to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

• Free of parabens, sulfates & animal cruelty
• Helps to brighten natural pigmentation (whites appear brighter, darks appear deeper in shine)
• Rich in nutrients & essential oils
• Weightless cleanser that helps to repair & protect
• Helps to dazzle & shine in a natural way
• All fur types (cat friendly)
• Custom blended handpicked ingredients
Lather, indulge, rinse.