Jan 18, 2018


MP founder Ashley Erika Reeves goes into greater detail as to why this "liquid gold" hero ingredient is essential for those who are in pursuit of a finding the perfect fur glow for their furry loved ones.




Today more and more we see people valuing the words  “natural”, and  “organic” as we are all becoming more educated on the importance of eating well, using quality products, and making mindful lifestyle choices. The same should apply when making decisions for your fur loves.  In this first FUR FILE - we single out this cutting-edge hero ingredient to find out why its works, where it comes from and- most importantly- why argan- infused hydration collection will make your furbaby look and feel better.

“It isn’t called the ‘Liquid gold’ miracle oil for nothing!” gushes Ashley Erika Reeves, founder of Moroccan Pooch Furcare. The Montrealer, whose beauty wardrobe is quite extensive, has mentioned using many products with argan oil as one of its hero ingredients.
Before launching Moroccan Pooch, the founders never understood what the hype regarding argan oil was all about and why it was so amazing. But after the rigorous research they did when developing their first collection, they discovered how beneficial it was for the fur coat, skin and overall health! 


Argan oil (also known as oil of Morocco) is a multi-tasking miracle nut of the argan tree found primarily in the country of Morocco. This nut has been organically grown and is naturally free of harmful, synthetic chemicals. Argan oil is one of the world’s rarest oils and it has earned the nickname,“liquid gold”. In our collection we only use the finest cold pressed pure argan, which has been ethically sourced and which is 100% organic. 


For starters, this “liquid gold” miracle oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful anti-oxidants. Linoleic, vitamin E and omega-6 essential fatty acids are some of this oil’s benefits that help hydrate and soften the fur, skin, and everything in between. One of the main reasons that this oil is so therapeutic is because research has shown that when applied to the skin, the benefits include soothing skin inflammation and irritations, while also locking in moisture to the skin, and allowing entire formulas to penetrate deep into the dermis. When applied externally, trocopherol from the vitamin E helps to boost cell production while promoting healthy skin and fur. “We were adamant about creating formulas that wouldn’t clog pores or cause irritation,” Ashley noted. Not only does this non-greasy oil make for the perfect conditioner, but also it allows for easier fur coat styling while repairing the fur strands.
Argan oil also helps to tame frizz, protect the fur from sun damage and harmful free radicals, all the while promoting and enhancing a more beautiful and resilient fur coat! And let's not forget that argan oil also enhances the natural pigmentation of the fur, making white coats brighter and darker coats more rich and sultry. C’est tout simplement formidable!


As this is a century-old holistic beauty ritual used by women worldwide, Argania Spinosa will not be fleeing the furcare beauty scene anytime soon! As leaders in argan- infused furcare beauty, we strive to share our products in a way that will endlessly honor animals, people and our planet. 

With the growing demand for clean, efficacious ingredients, Ashley claims that “we see the results of our products, and seeing that all our furbaby customers are really ecstatic with their skin and fur transformations, and, oh yes! let’s not forget about our amazing signature fragrance that keeps them coming back for more!”